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8 CBD Facts For A Healthy Choice

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural substance derived from hemp or cannabis plants. CBD has been a major focus of medical studies recently. More and more people report experiencing benefits after using CBD. Research is still underway, so we can’t make any medical claims yet. Still, you may wonder what CBD can do for you. Here are 8 CBD facts to help you make an informed choice!

CBD Fact 1: More People Start Using CBD Every Day

CBD was discovered in the 1940s, but its popularity has skyrocketed recently. Scientists are slowly learning about the many possible health benefits of this organic plant compound. Traditional herbal medicine and folk wisdom have used hemp and CBD for ages, but now, modern science is catching up.

Studies are gradually revealing how CBD may become a natural treatment for a staggering range of conditions. Potential applications include pain relief, treatment of inflammations, anxiety, stress, epilepsy, sleeping problems, addiction, and much, much more. The list keeps on growing, and more CBD facts emerge every day. That helps explain why ever more governments are legalizing CBD worldwide.

CBD Fact 2: CBD Works Together With Your Own Body

After CBD was discovered, it took a long time before we found out how it works – and why. Quite recently, a special part of the human nervous system called ECS (endocannabinoid system) was identified. It turns out that the ECS helps keep the mind and body balanced. Interestingly, CBD can interact with our own body’s ECS. This explains why one plant compound such as CBD can have so many different effects in humans and even pets or horses.

CBD Fact 3: CBD Does Not Get You High

As CBD comes from hemp (cannabis) plants, many people fear it can make them feel high. This is NOT the case. Recreational cannabis users get high on another cannabinoid called THC. While THC also comes from cannabis plants, it is not present in quality CBD products. That means SupMedi CBD cannot get you high. You can safely use it even if you have to work, drive a car, or care for your children, for example.

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CBD Fact 4: CBD Is Natural

CBD is a natural plant compound extracted from hemp plants. As a cannabinoid, CBD is very similar to compounds produced by the body called endocannabinoids. You can imagine CBD as a biological ‘key’ that fits snugly in the ‘keyholes’ of your own ECS. CBD is a completely natural substance, which works just as well as the endocannabinoids that your body produces.


CBD Fact 5: Quality Matters

Using quality CBD products is crucial. Contaminated or impure CBD products can contain other substances that you don’t want inside your body. That is why SupMedi has all CBD products tested for quality and purity in independent laboratories. We combine the best of science and the purest of nature to get you the finest CBD products available today.

CBD Fact 6: Research Into CBD Is Progressing

Although medical studies and trials take a very long time, more new research results are emerging nearly every week. Pharmaceutical companies and university laboratories are busy mapping the properties of CBD. Every day takes us closer to the scientific proof we are looking for!

CBD Fact 7: SupMedi Is One Step Ahead

SupMedi is staying ahead of the curve by constantly improving and evolving. We keep designing new and innovative CBD products. In addition to our CBD Oil and CBD Tablets, you can also try our wonderful CBD Skincare range and CBD Nutrition such as CBD Ice Tea or CBD Gummies. We have the right CBD solutions for every person in every situation.

CBD Fact 8: There’s A CBD Solution For Everyone

Our various CBD products and their immense range of potential treatment options provide a perfect CBD solution for everyone, including you. You can experience these CBD facts for yourself. Check out our entire range of CBD products in our webstore, or read our blogs to find out how CBD can help you, personally.


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