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CBD 24/7 Chocolates: Healthy Taste

Taking good care of yourself becomes an experience of pure joy with our CBD 24/7 Chocolate. After all, who says no to a lovely bite of chocolate? That rich, creamy flavour is enough to make you forget the world around you for a minute. Now, you can make that experience even richer, because we have combined the power of chocolate with the benefits of CBD. CBD and chocolate are an excellent match: both can affect our body and our brain in positive ways. CBD and Chocolate work together to help us enjoy, to relax, and to support our general health.

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Chocolate With CBD: Made With Care, Fair And Square

Enjoying your chocolate to the fullest becomes easier when you know it was produced in a fair and responsible way. Our CBD 24/7 Chocolate is created in close cooperation with the cacao magicians of Original Beans. They use Virunga cacao beans, carefully selected from the forests of Congo, Africa.

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Only the finest cacao is good enough…

Here, they make sure that the chocolate is as pure and natural as it can be, but responsibility doesn’t end there. Original Beans treats local farmers and their precious natural environment with respect. By now, 3 million trees have been planted in the region, literally cutting deforestation in half. Furthermore, the people who cooperate receive an education, teaching them not just about cacao agriculture, but also about crucial topics such as HIV/AIDS. On top of these results, local incomes have doubled in recent years.

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This responsible approach makes treating yourself to CBD 24/7 Chocolates a much more carefree delight. All too often, nature is regarded as a simple resource to exploit, resulting in careless treatment of plants and animals. Original Beans and SupMedi agree that this is no longer an option. That is why the ingredients of our products are made with great care and attention for people and their environment.

The Taste Of Africa

All chocolate is good – or so you might think. But chocolate comes in many different varieties. Original Beans works with cacao beans from exclusive areas to bring unique flavours. The Virunga cacao bean carries a distinctly rich, earthy taste, reminiscent of morello and black tea; sweet, fruity, and powerful. Its aromas are enough to make your mind wander. Allow Virunga 70% dark chocolate to inspire dreams of tropical rainforests, the cries of parrots and monkeys, and the fertile rains that nourish and sustain their natural habitat.

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Why CBD 24/7 Chocolate?

Let’s face it: treating yourself feels good, but it’s usually not a healthy habit. Candy, cakes, pies, or crisps: we love to munch on them, but they don’t add anything to our health. Chocolate is one of the very few exceptions, however. This deeply special and extremely tasty treat does in fact benefit your health. There is a catch, though: it only works when you choose high quality chocolate without harmful additives.

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The Original Beans cacao in our CBD 24/7 Chocolates contains only natural ingredients such as raw cacao mass, cacao butter, and raw cane sugar, all of organic origin. To this natural foundation, we’ve added our natural CBD. Chocolate can indeed be healthy: we’ll explain why.

Chocolate With CBD Can Support Your Health:

Antioxidants: Both chocolate and CBD are rich in antioxidants. These compounds can knock out free radicals, which damage the cells of your body. Research has demonstrated that dark chocolate ranks very highly among foods containing antioxidants. One example is the high level of polyphenols found in chocolate.

Reduces blood pressure: Chocolate stimulates the body to generate nitrogen oxide. This gas is important in making muscles relax, which in turn helps improve circulation. His has a positive effect on lowering blood pressure.

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Helps improve concentration: Both chocolate and CBD may have positive effects on memory and learning ability. Dark chocolate contains flavanols capable of reaching the parts of the brain associated with memory and learning. CBD can help relax and focus better.

Reduces stress: Dark chocolate’s high magnesium content can contribute to reduction of stress issues. Magnesium, a mineral, can also help improve sleep. Here too, CBD and chocolate are a smart combination. The potential relaxing effect of CBD can contribute to a relaxed feeling and help reduce anxiety and stress.

chcocolates with cbd

Enjoying The Benefits Of CBD And Chocolate

CBD 24/7 Chocolate is a wonderful gift to yourself (or to that special person). These chocolates come in a 24-piece display box that radiates luxury. Each chocolate thin contains 25mg CBD and is individually wrapped in a gold-sealed envelope. This is an easy and tasty way to replenish your daily dose of CBD. Of course, they are also perfect as a go-between treat whenever you feel you deserve is. CBD 24/7 Chocolate lets you enjoy chocolate, self-care, and life!


Let Taste Convince You