Care For Your Skin With Natural CBD Argan Salve

The skin is the largest organ of our body, so caring for it in the proper way is vital. What better way to treat your skin than by using our natural CBD Argan Salve? This salve is rich in nurturing ingredients that penetrate into the skin’s deeper layers. These deep effects take nutrition and skincare where it counts for optimal results. Your skin requires this type of care every day, to protect it from dehydration and ageing of the skin cells.

Causes Of Skin Dehydration

The skin constitutes the border that separates your inner physique from the outside world. This natural barrier ensures that your temperature remains steady, protects you from external threats, and is an important part of your moisture balance. Your skin can only perform these vital vital functions if it is kept in good health.

There are many factors capable of damaging your skin:

  • Cold or hot weather conditions;
  • Temperature fluctuations;
  • Prolonged stays in air-conditioned spaces;
  • Frequent washing, hot showers, or baths;
  • Our age: as we get older, our skin lipid content decreases, causing the skin to dry out;
  • Not drinking enough water: your skin depends on your fluid intake.

Admittedly, some of these factors are largely beyond your control, such as the weather or, sadly, your age. We can, however, contribute to the health of our skin. As the summer gets underway, basking in the sun to get a tan is a tempting option. The sun’s warmth and light replenishes our energy levels. On the other hand, the ultraviolet portion of the sun’s light is a major influence in skin ageing. Heat and light dehydrate the skin. No matter what the causes of dry or damaged skin may be, your skin can always use a bit of extra care.

cbd argan salve against dry skin
Hot, dry weather can make your skin feel like this…

How Do You Recognise Dry Skin?

The factors listed above can cause a diversity of skin problems. Wind, heat, water, and a range of other factors damage the surface of the skin, causing it to dry out and lose flexibility. Moisture evaporates, and the skin can no longer retain all the moisture it needs.

  • Signs of dry and damaged skin include:
  • A tight, tense feeling;
  • Rough, chafed patches of skin;
  • Flaking skin;
  • Itches;
  • Creases and wrinkles.

The longer you ignore dry skin, the more serious your symptoms may get. As the dehydration extends deeper into the skin tissue, the moisture balance becomes more and more upset. This is when dry skin becomes extremely dry skin. Ultimately, this leads to premature skin ageing and causes wrinkles.

Special Ingredients Of CBD Argan Salve

SupMedi CBD Argan Salve is a wonderfully nourishing salve suited for all skin types. Dry and chafed skin simply aches for the right kind of skincare. CBD Argan Salve contains everything your skin needs, in precisely the right proportions. One of its ingredients is argan oil, drawn from the fruits of the rare argan tree (Argania spinosa). This tree is nicknamed “Tree of Beauty” for good reason!

Argan oil is rich in antioxidants. These play an important part in shielding your body against free radicals. CBD Argan Salve also contains vitamin E, another antioxidant that supports the skin’s ability to repair itself. The argan oil has a very high viscosity, allowing it to reach the deep layers of the skin. There, it helps restore the moisture balance. Argan oil has the additional benefit of not clogging your pores, leaving your skin free to function optimally.

Because your skin can absorb the argan oil so easily, you skin will not feel greasy. The oil forms a very thin protective layer, keeping all the precious moisture inside. A regular treatment with CBD Argan Salve keeps your skin healthy for a lovely supple feel. The result is a soft skin beaming with health, revealing only the absolute minimum of wrinkles and dry patches.

cbd argan salve dehydrated skin


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