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CBD And Prevention: 5 Benefits For Your Health

Are CBD and prevention a good combination to avoid getting sick? CBD can be used as a food supplement to support your health. Think of CBD as an umbrella: it doesn’t stop the rain, but it can still prevent you from getting wet. This cannabinoid can help diminish inflammation, protect against cancer and keep the brain young. It can be worth your while to explore the benefits of using CBD as a preventative medicine against getting sick.

CBD And Prevention: Better Than Recovering

More and more people take CBD when they experience health issues, like insomnia or stress. However, research shows that this cannabinoid can be very useful in protecting your body and mind against a wide variety of diseases before they affect you. That means using CBD as prevention. So, even if you don’t have any symptoms now, you could start taking CBD, to reduce the risk of getting sick later on.

The fact that this is possible, is because of our endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system influences quite a number of processes, like the metabolism, memory, the immune system and the sleep-wake cycle. The ECS regulates the body and tries to keep the balance. Unfortunately, it can get disrupted, by external influences, like disease or stress, but also from within (genetics).

Cannabinoids like CBD can influence this system. CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, but the body sees it as a familiar compound. And this way it can help your body recover. You can take CBD to tackle existing symptoms, but also to prevent you from falling ill.

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Prevention And CBD: Always Choose Quality!

CBD And Prevention: Help Avoid Disease

1. Keeping The Brain Fit

CBD has neuroprotective properties, that keep nerve cells protected. Cannabinoids support the health of the brain, by, for example, clearing away damaged cells and stimulate the production of new neurons. And this is necessary, because when we get older, less and less new cells are created. This is one of the main causes we suffer from degenerative diseases. Research shows CBD can help reduce the chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease for example.

2. Reducing Inflammation

CBD can help inhibit the occurrence of inflammation. The effect of CBD herein is at least as good as that of regular medication. This is why taking CBD as a prevention is a good idea, because inflammation is the underlying cause of many diseases. Like, for example, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. CBD can help stimulate the ECS to combat inflammation, which makes it easier for your body to stay healthy.

3. Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

Research has been done, which shows that CBD could help reduce the chance of getting cancer. In Egypt, a study was done in 2015, which showed that CBD can cause apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells. THC, another cannabinoid from the hemp plant, has properties that can help diminish tumors as well. These results, of course, are good reasons to keep doing research into this. Scientists are looking into the best CBD to THC ratio to treat cancer. To protect yourself from cancer, you might consider taking CBD as a preventive treatment.

4. CBD To Protect Your Bones

During your life, your body constantly renews all cells, those of the bones as well. The thing is though, this process slows down as you get older. There is an enzyme that destroys the compounds that are important for the forming of bones. CBD can inhibit the effect of this enzyme, and this is why it helps keep your bones healthy. Certain bone diseases, like the wearing down of joints and osteoporosis, could be slowed down. CBD stimulates the production of new bone cells.

5. Reduces The Chance Of Heart- and Vascular Diseases

The ECS also plays a part in the health of your cardiovascular system. It’s important and helps your body to counteract inflammation in the heart and blood vessels. Research done on animals, shows that a low dose of cannabinoids can slow down arteriosclerosis. Another study, done in 2007, shows that CBD can protect the heart during a heart attack.

Health And Prevention With CBD

Many people that consider their health of paramount importance, take vitamin- and mineral supplements. But as you can see from the research mentioned above, CBD can also be very useful if you take it as a preventive treatment. It can be a boost for your health: from your immune system to a strong cardiovascular system. And this is even without taking the fact into account, that CBD can help reduce anxiety and stress, or PMS or sleeping problems.

You can use this versatile remedy by taking CBD Tablets, that are very easy to ingest, or by dropping CBD Oil under your tongue. Start taking CBD today, to prevent health issues tomorrow.

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