CBD skincare mother's day deal

CBD Skincare: The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

No matter what the world throws at us, some things simply never change. As you know – hopefully; in case you forgot, here’s your reminder – Mother’s Day is approaching fast. SupMedi is ready for that celebration of motherhood: we have a very special Mother’s Day Deal waiting for you. Now is the perfect moment to show all the moms around us how much we really care. Even though Mother’s Day 2020 may be different for many, we’re not going to let that stop us. Even if you can’t give her a physical hug this year, you’ll still touch her heart with these exclusive CBD skincare gifts. In fact, to help you show your affection for that Special Lady, we’re treating you to a special discount on your Mother’s Day gifts!

Free CBD Body & Hand Cream with your SupMedi Skincare purchases

We know what the world owes to mothers. In fact, that’s precisely why we have a special Mother’s Day Deal waiting for you. Our CBD skincare offer lasts from May 1 to May 17. For every € 35 you spend on our choice range of SupMedi CBD Skincare innovations, you get our superior White Choco CBD Body & Hand Cream for free! Our CBD Body & Hand Cream is a carefully balanced blend of nature’s bounty with 100g of top grade CBD, designed to nourish any skin type for a wonderfully soft and supple feel. With this special deal, the choice is yours: say ‘Thank, You, Mom’ with double value for your money. If you like, you can even make your mother proud while you treat your mother-in-law, the mother of your own children, your grandmother or any other special lady (yourself included) at a very friendly price…

CBD Skincare By Mother Nature

Every mother deserves some Tender Loving Care on Mother’s Day. So what better way to show her that TLC than a whole range of high-quality CBD skincare and beauty products? Our CBD cream, salve, and selected hemp oil soaps embody natural revitalization and nourishment in their purest form. They reflect the restorative andbalancing effects of plant-based CBD (cannabidiol), vitamins, and other botanical beneficiaries. CBD skincare is everyday well-being provided by Mother Nature. That’s a great way to celebrate natural motherhood on the day you want to show mom she’s special. Here’s your chance to return all that care and affection you received from the most important woman in your life!

CBD skincare gifts for mom
Lets Show Mom Some Love!

Only The Best Is Good Enough

SupMedi CBD Skincare is not just your average wellness and beauty treatment. We go to great lengths to select only the finest ingredients available in the natural world. Organic Argan oil, pure CBD from the world’s most refined cultivated hemp plants, and rich scents of vanilla, lavender, chocolate and citrus fruits merge in delicate blends of delicious organic beauty products. Our skincare gifts hold the promise of organic restoration and sustenance that make CBD such a popular choice. That makes SupMedi CBD Skincare as natural as a mother’s love. High time to show her how much we care with the perfect Mother’s Day gift – check out our product range and treat your mom to some luxurious CBD wellness this year!