Depression and cbd

My CBDiary 2: CBD In Times Of Depression

In our My CBDiary blog series, guest blogger Kim describes her personal experiences as she tries out CBD for the first time. She uses her diary to assess whether CBD supplements can offer some relief for the sombre moods to which she has been prone for a very long time.


Part 2: CBD In Times Of Depression

Well, as we are all very much aware, the Dutch “intelligent lockdown” has now been extended to April 28. What will happen after that still remains unknown. Amsterdam seems to be frozen at six o’clock in the morning, without the emerging headache and the expired night owls who, just like you, are just trying to retain some dignity on their way home.
“After the fight response, (hoarding), the flight response (head in the sand) and the sense of powerlessness, we are now entering the stage of listlessness.” It’s what psychologists told Het Parool newspaper on Monday April 6. Right now, they are helping more than a thousand people through free online sessions.
The twenty psychologists who normally help about 100 people a day have faced ten times as many requests in the recent weeks. With the loss of our social contacts, we quickly experience great feelings of loneliness. And according to  psychologist Coppens, we are now collectively about to enter the phase of exhaustion and listlessness.
No surprise for me. Listlessness and Restlessness seemingly are two Sumo wrestlers in my head. And the smartphone seems especially designed to personally kill every ambition I might have. (This failure was sponsored by Apple.)

Depression Pandemic

We could say our world is not only in a vulnerable phase economically and physically right now, but also mentally. Or that we’re actually already there…
Let’s look at the numbers:
More than 300 people worldwide suffer from depression. This indicates an increase of more than 18 percent between 2005 and 2015. Diagnoses of major depression in the US have increased by 33% since 2013. And this number is rising even faster among so-called millennials (+ 47%) and young adults (with an increase of 65% for girls).
In the Netherlands, one in ten men and one in five women experience depression one or more times in their lives.
Without wanting to make it all too uncomfortable, I would like to point out that every year a million people worldwide die from suicide. It is a bit distasteful to compare this with the current Corona figures, so I won’t do that. But it feels safe to say we are dealing with a much less reported “mental pandemic” in the world, right now. And it is very likely that the corona crisis will only increase the figures above.

The CBD Guinea Pig Project

I have been taking a 24 gram Supmedi CBD tablets for a bit longer than this blog has been on air.  That’s because I don’t want to be on thin ice when it comes to the effects I notice.
Supmedi asked me to do this, and to write about it, without knowing what the results or outcome of this project would be. Since the effects seem to be quite immediate, I alternate with days without CBD, to report the differences I notice.
On the days I do take CBD, I take it in the morning. And I stick to one tablet, since I’m sensitive and fairly responsive when it comes to “drugs”. In addition, I have no chronic complaints or health problems. I am mainly trying to discover whether CBD can help me feel more energetic and determined. I wonder whether it can help me with feelings of depression or improve my overall mood.

Cancel the CBD project?

First of all, I notice a bit of a restless, quickly irritated feeling (snapping at my boyfriend) and I’m feeling a little more introverted. I hesitate to continue taking CBD on a daily base. In fact, I even consider ending this whole project and just stop using it.
But then I decide to give my body some time to get used to this and well, just give it another chance. What helps is that I also feel a significant positive difference quite immediately.
The positive effects that I seem to notice, start when I get up in the morning. Getting up seems to be easier, with more energy.  I feel a greater sense of “being able to deal” with all the stuff I have to do. There are more things I’m starting to notice. However, I don’t want to be throwing out too much pseudo-science, based on my short personal experiences. So I will hold back a little. At least for now. More next week.