Cooking with CBD: how to get the best results

Anyone who likes to try something new in the kitchen, who wants to use healthy supplements or doesn’t appreciate the taste of CBD, can start cooking with CBD. It’s fun to do and you can incorporate it in all kinds of dishes. Use it in breakfast, lunch or diner, or even in tasty snacks. We invite you to try it, find out how to get the best results, by reading the tips below.

How do you use CBD in cooking?

In principle, cooking with CBD isn’t that hard. There’s just one thing you need to pay attention to and that is to exercise caution when applying heat. CBD can’t withstand temperatures higher than 170 degrees. If you cook at a temperature that is higher than this, CBD will evaporate and loose its potency.

If you want to prepare a meal with CBD, make sure you keep an eye on the temperature. This can make cooking a little harder. It might be easier to add CBD only when the meal is ready, or use less heat and let the dish simmer a little longer.

CBD is soluble in fat. This means you can mix it with oil or butter (for example coconut oil, olive oil or avocado oil). You can’t mix it with water. CBD is very suitable for use as a dressing over a salad, to mix with cake batter or to use as gravy over meat or potatoes.

In what kind of meals can you use CBD?

1. Dressing on a salad

One of the easiest ways to use CBD is as a dressing for a salad. It doesn’t require a lot of work and you avoid the problem of overheating it. Mix drops of CBD oil with olive oil or another (plant based) oil. Season it with herbs, pepper, and salt and sprinkle it over your salad.

2. Put it in a smoothie

Do you like eating smoothies? They are a very easy way to take your CBD oil. Smoothies can be made with fruit or vegetables, and you can add dairy products, nuts or seeds. They’re very healthy. Add some drops of CBD oil and straight away, you have your daily dosage of CBD. A smoothie’s strong taste can prevent you from tasting the CBD, which can be an advantage if you don’t like that. Also, it’s not necessary to heat a smoothie

Make a healthy CBD smoothie!

3. Cake or cookies

Baking tasty snacks with CBD is also a possibility. Put it in cookies, brownies, cupcakes or muffins. Just pay attention to the temperature of your oven. Make sure it doesn’t get any higher than 170 degrees. Also, it’s important you calculate how much CBD you ingest per portion. Read more about that below.

There are even more options for cooking with CBD: add it to pasta sauce, desserts or as a dressing for a poké bowl. The possibilities are endless. Use your creativity, which will help you to create even more ways to take your CBD.

Calculate how much CBD you need

When you start cooking with CBD, you need to pay attention to the amount of CBD you’ll end up with, per portion. Whether you eat alone, or other people are sharing your meal, you need to find out how much CBD you’ll ingest, when you eat a meal, cookie or smoothie. That is also the case when you prepare food for a couple of days at once or when your food consists of multiple portions (like cake or cookies). So calculate how many drops of CBD oil you need, before you mix it in with your batter or smoothie.