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CBD, a natural remedy for stress

Approximately 15% of Dutch people regularly suffers from stress symptoms. These can present itself as fatigue, emotional exhaustion, trouble sleeping, worrying or depression. As humans, we are capable of dealing with tension. But problems, both mental and physical, can arise when you suffer from prolonged stress. CBD is a natural remedy that can help you find more peace and quiet in your life.

The influence of stress on body and mind

Stress or tension doesn’t always have to be negative. It can help you push your boundaries, cope with difficulties and you can also see it as a challenge. But when you are taxed too much or the tension lasts too long, you feel as if you can’t handle the situation. And that’s when problems arise.

Long term stress, like issues at work, a troublesome relationship or financial difficulties, can cause physical and mental symptoms. When the body is under pressure, it produces stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. They help you feel more energetic, but when your body produces them continuously, it has a negative effect on your health. It may cause headaches, muscle stiffness, poor digestion and even high blood pressure.

Usually, you can’t directly solve these problems that cause you stress. That’s why you often experience mental complaints as brooding, a gloomy mood, irritability, insecurity, anxiety and a feeling of tension. This often leads to trouble sleeping, which in turn will cause a lack of energy. You’ll feel more out of balance the longer this goes on. 

Although the physical complaints can be very serious, people suffer the most from the mental symptoms. Someone who’s stressed feels unhappy and often suffers from depressing thoughts. You can’t stop worrying, you’re occupied by your problems day and night. It’s exhausting and you can’t get a break. It’s a vicious circle that’s hard to break free from.

How CBD can help with stress complaints

CBD (cannabidiol) has natural calming effects. It has a positive influence on various systems in the body, ranging from the production of hormones to the way the brain works. So logically it affects how you think as well as how you feel. Research shows that CBD is helpful with depression, which is often linked with stress. It reduces feelings of anxiety and calms the mind when you’re worrying. 

The benefits of CBD with stress

  • Reduces sensitivity to stress 
  • Calming effect on the nerves
  • Reduces worrying
  • You feel more peaceful
  • Fosters a more balanced feeling
  • Stimulates better sleeping

CBD helps you to stay calm, no matter the stress in your life. CBD has a relaxing influence on the mind, which helps you find inner peace. Your thoughts will stop going in circles and emotionally you’ll feel more tranquil as well. This will also reduce a lot of tension in the body.

A good night’s sleep is another important way to get more energy, and something that usually doesn’t come easily when you suffer from the effects of stress. That’s why it can benefit you to take CBD when you have trouble sleeping. You’ll feel more relaxed when you go to sleep, which helps you fall asleep more easily. When you wake up the next morning you’ll be well rested, and that will help you cope better with any stressful situations you may encounter during the day.

CDB-oil or CBD tablets

Do you suffer from stress symptoms and would you like to use CBD? You can choose CBD-oil, which you can take as drops under the tongue. It’s quickly absorbed by the body, and soon you’ll experience a peaceful quiet. Or choose CBD tablets. You can swallow them or let them dissolve in your mouth. Because they contain extra vitamine C, your body can absorb it in a very short time.

CBD a natural remedy for stress