Various ways how your body can absorb CBD

Realizing the many anti-inflammatory and therapeutic benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) involves allowing this natural compound to get absorbed within the bloodstream.
When CBD reaches the bloodstream, it then gets pumped throughout the entire body, where it gets attached to the cannabinoid receptors of the Endocannabinoid System.
The consumption method of the compound determines how exactly it gets absorbed in the body. Now, let’s dive deeper into details and behold the different consumption methods and how they necessitate the absorption process.

1. Sublingual consumption method

The sublingual method of taking CBD doses involves the usage of either an oil dropper or one’s finger to place a CBD tincture or CBD oil on the sublingual gland.
One thing that you should know is that it is fantastic to let the oil or tincture stay on the sublingual gland for a minute or so.
That way, the mucous membrane of the sublingual gland can absorb the oil or tincture to entirety.

Simply put, the absorption of CBD after it gets consumed through the sublingual method happens due to the presence of the mucous membrane of the sublingual gland.
The absorption is fast since the CBD doesn’t pass through the digestion process or liver metabolism. It, instead, gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

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2. Ingestion method

The ingestion method of consuming CBD typically involves taking it orally. Under most circumstances, CBD edibles, and CBD gummies get consumed through the method.
The present Cannabidiol in any of these products then gets into the digestive tract. The liver metabolizes the CBD, thus making the bloodstream to relay it wherever there are cannabinoid receptors.

CBD capsules also get consumed orally. However, it’s a different case with them since as one takes them with water, the CBD gets exposed before reaching the digestive system.
We, nonetheless, ought to mention that the CBD ingestion consumption method doesn’t favor high amounts of CBD.

That may be a demerit as the Cannabidiol that gets absorbed into the bloodstream comes in trace amounts, especially because some amounts of CBD can get lost in the digestion process.

3. Topical usage

Unlike the consumption methods of CBD mentioned above, the case is relatively different from the topical application of Cannabidiol.
CBD taken through the topical application doesn’t reach the bloodstream. Instead, it attaches itself to the skin cells to offer benefits to the affected part.
The skin permeability necessitates the absorption of CBD through the pores, thus making it an effective solution for those suffering from skin conditions.
The absorption rates depend on whether the CBD topicals contain polyunsaturated acids or not. Products that have high amounts of polyunsaturated acids get absorbed fast into the skin pores.