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What makes CBD oil expensive?

As you scavenge through the internet, you may have realized that Cannabidiol (CBD) has numerous benefits, yes, but this oil can be expensive for several reasons.

Are you wondering what justifies the situation? Well, it may be beyond your expectations. Let’s break down the facts that back the expensiveness that comes with this cannabis derivative.

1.    Lengthy cultivation processes

Picture to yourself. How does it happen that a mere cannabis plant can, in the long run, produce oil? Well, to have CBD oil, it all starts with the cultivation of the hemp plant.

There is the purchasing of hemp seeds, land preparation, purchasing the equipment necessary for necessitating ultimate growth, and so forth.

Hemp cultivation also involves ensuring that there is sufficient water, lighting, and watchfulness in ensuring that the plants aren’t affected by pests and diseases.

Meeting these necessities requires substantial amounts of cash.

2.    Extracting CBD is expensive

Let’s say the farmer has succeeded in cultivating healthy hemp plants. Extracting CBD from specific parts like the stalks, leaves, and flowers requires appropriate equipment, all of which are expensive.

For instance, if the grower wants pure CBD, they have to invest in purchasing the carbon extraction equipment.

They may as well plan to use the ethanol or hydrocarbon extraction methods. Investing in any of these means a lot of expenses have to be met.

Extracting CBD is also labor-intensive, which should send signals to everyone that expenses have to be encountered.

After extracting the CBD, one has to ensure it’s in oil form, which typically means that carrier oils like olive or coconut oils have to be purchased to necessitate the process.

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3.    Packaging

Packing CBD oil into containers involves a plentitude of processes. For instance, there is:

  • The vessels
  • Certification
  • Purity and concentration tests

Depending on where one lives, they may be subjected to hefty fees in the form of licenses before they label they get the labels for their merchandise.

4.    Advertising

Advertising costs may be huge, especially these times when there are a high number of CBD oils in the market.

Hiring an advertising company to market a new product or a social media influencer is undoubtedly expensive.

It is not shocking to find that there are independent review websites nowadays that specialize in an indirect advertisement for a company’s products.

When the manufacturer opts to go this way in the quest to stand out from the stiff competition, these are other costs.

And as we all know, having a product from scratch to be seen online is quite a daunting task.

Prices are a factor to go by

Well, this may seem to be confusing. However, it shouldn’t. As we purchase a product, we tend to prioritize on how many bucks we can save.

In the case of CBD oil, you should be far much focused on the quality of the oil you’ll get as opposed to the price.

For instance, buying pure CBD oil, with a certificate of quality analysis at a high price, guarantees a Return on Investment (ROI).

Conversely, if you purchase CBD oil at a low price may most probably mean the product is of high-quality. There’s no way a product can pass through the previously mentioned factors and come cheaply except when it has price offers.

In summary

The processes involved in having CBD oil from cultivation to availing it on sale push it to have the prices that seem to be high.

However, some scrupulous manufacturers are aware that most CBD oil consumers assume that highly-priced CBD oil is the best.

That said, it is essential to note that ascertaining how the oil is manufactured and whether it meets quality standards should come by far first before the price.


Always seek out a professional for medical advice and always do your own research!



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