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The distinct ways to consume different CBD products

The usage of Cannabidiol (CBD) has seen to it that most manufacturers and entrepreneurs being more creative and innovative to avail a wide range of CBD products for sale.

From making these products to availing them for sale on online platforms, it is a sight that everyone would wish to behold every day.

As of the moment, we are going to cover the current ways to introduce CBD into your body.

CBD in oil form

Probably you have heard of CBD oil or might have consumed it. It is the most rampant way to introduce CBD into the body.

  • Sublingual method

The first yet still rampant way to consume CBD oil is via using the sublingual method. This typically involves the usage of a dropper or your finger to place CBD oil beneath one’s tongue on the sublingual gland.

The oil then diffuses along with the bloodstream.

  • Topical application

This typically involves the use of CBD oil directly on the skin. It works just the same way it would when one was applying lotion on their body.

  • Vaporization

Vaporizing CBD oil is the talk of the town these days. It involves using a vaporizer, loading your CBD oil, and inhaling the CBD oil vapor into your lungs.

The effects are almost instant after the vapor hits the lungs. It is also worth mentioning that the same results take lesser time in the body as compared to those that come using the sublingual method.

CBD tinctures

CBD tinctures and CBD oil confuse most users than any other CBD products. That’s simply because these products get packaged in similar products and can be both get consumed sublingually.

However, their main point of difference lies in their extraction method. For instance, extracting CBD oil involves using a carrier oil like let’s say olive or coconut oil.

Conversely, extracting CBD tinctures involves soaking hemp plant matter in a water and alcohol solution.

Either way, oral consumption is the best and most rampant way to take CBD tinctures. It, therefore, works best for those who have no issue with feeling an alcohol taste.

CBD edibles

Some CBD users swear by the consumption of CBD edibles. CBD edibles generally refer to food products that are infused with Cannabidiol.

You can easily and fast make your CBD edibles at home. For instance, you can decide to add CBD variations to baked products like cakes, biscuits, or any other food of your choice.

However, it is primal to note that patience is critical when dealing with CBD edibles. Their effects may take quite some time before they start kicking in.

Nonetheless, they last for long in the user’s body.

Under CBD edibles, you may as well come across another huge name in the industry – CBD gummies.

What typically happens in manufacturing them is that one adds CBD variations into a gelatin mix. The consumer can then eat them as they would to gelatin.

CBD topicals

The beauty industry has skyrocketed and invented CBD topicals for using on the skin. For instance, you can use CBD creams, or CBD ointments to solve some skin problems like inflammation.

Under most circumstances, these topicals don’t maneuver their way into the bloodstream; thus, you cannot quickly feel their effects on the body.

They significantly help in solving external problems of the skin without triggering any effects on the internal body parts.

CBD capsules and pills

In 2018, the Food and Drug Authority legalized the usage of Epidioex, a CBD pill for controlling seizures across adults and children aged two years and above.

This capsule can be taken orally. Some other companies are working fast and smart to avail their CBD capsules and pills for sale.

However, as of now, Epidiolex is the only recognized CBD pill that can work in offering alleviation of both Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet Syndrome conditions.

CBD concentrates

As the name suggests, this is Cannabidiol in its concentrated form. Some of the CBD concentrates that you may see today include:

  • Hash
  • Wax
  • Budder
  • Shatter
  • CBD oil.

Now that we have tackled the CBD oil subtopic let’s see about the rest. You can start by decarboxylating hash, then smoking it or eating it right away.

For the case of wax, budder, and shatter, dabbing is among the most recent ways to consume these products.



Always seek out a professional for medical advice and always do your own research!



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