Why You Should Eat CBD Edibles and the Benefits

Despite being a product of the cannabis plant, cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD does not contain psychoactive properties like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), another product of the same plant; and this is one of the many reasons it is fast becoming the most popular and widely preferred cannabinoid supplements in today’s cannabis market.

CBD can be gotten from either hemp or marijuana, which are both strains of the cannabis plant. However, the hemp sourced CBD will usually contain 0.3% or less THC; which is incapable of getting you high and is also the legal amount nationwide.

Like the other cannabis compounds, CBD shares a similar structure to the human endocannabinoid system, responsible for regulating and maintaining various bodily functions such as pain response, immune function, mood, inflammation, and appetite. Therefore, consuming CBD means the introduction of more cannabinoid into the body; and this helps to boost the active role of the human endocannabinoid system.

How To Take CBD

There are different ways to take CBD, but it is crucial to note that different people respond differently to various levels of CBD. Importantly, whichever way you choose to ingest CBD must be hinged on these two considerations:
• Your lifestyle; and,
• Your desired benefits.

Bear in mind also that the various products of CBD, like oil tincture, edibles, vape juices, topical creams and lotions, capsules, soft gels, etc., deliver CBD into the body in varied ways and at various speed levels. The differences mostly have to do with how the body absorbs CBD given the different ways these products present it.

Therefore, to get the best out of CBD, your choice of product or method of ingestion must suit your lifestyle and the benefits you desire to achieve.

What Are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are foods that contain CBD extracts or oil. They are a composition of food and ingredients, blended with CBD extracts to create tasty, therapeutic and healing-packed meals which can be eaten anytime and anywhere conveniently.

CBD edibles are available in various forms like granola and chocolate bars, gummies and tasty snacks like brownies and cookies. But, gummy bears remain a popular option among most people for consuming CBD, mainly because they are delicious and do not contain a lot of calories. Plus, they also allow for discrete and convenient use.

Why Should You Opt For CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles offer an excellent way of getting your CBD fix without the trouble of having to burn the oil or deal with its natural “not-so-tasty flavour.” Not to mention the long term risks associated with subjecting your throat and lungs to the strain that comes with either vaping or smoking.

More so, CBD edibles sufficiently mask the natural “earthy taste” of CBD. Thus, allowing you to soothe your taste buds with savoury foods you love, while also getting the many health and wellness advantages of CBD.

The following are a few of the several benefits of CBD edibles:

The Effects Last Over Extended Periods

Because CBD edibles are a combination of food and CBD extracts, the release of CBD into the bloodstream is usually gradual and consistent, stretching through the long periods, it takes for food to digest. Although it takes long (generally between 30 minutes to 2 hours) for the effects of CBD to kick in with edibles, when they finally do, they last longer compared to what is obtainable with inhalation. Thus, it is essential to be careful when consuming edibles so as not to ingest more than required as the effects do not hit you immediately.

Eliminates Lung Irritation

No doubt, vaping is proven to be a healthier option than smoking, but the process does put the lungs under some level of strain, particularly over long term practice. More so, vape liquids do contain thinning agents which may be harmful to the lungs, mainly when the heat is applied as in the case of vaping.

Hence, choosing CBD edibles over inhalation is a sure way to avoid exposing your lungs to irritations from hot oil and other potentially harmful elements contained in vape juices.

Allows For Discrete and Convenient Use

CBD edibles are easy and convenient to consume while on the go. With edibles, you don’t have to worry about finding an appropriate place to vape or about measuring out the right dosage of tincture using a dropper. You can quickly grab either a pack of brownies or toss in a bottle of gummies into your bag, and you have your CBD dose for the day.

Allows For Proper Dosing

Edibles are usually available in precise and predetermined dosing, making it convenient to know the exact amount of CBD you are consuming per serving. But with vaping, for instance, you may inhale more or fewer amounts per time.

Generally, CBD edibles offer an ideal alternative for those who would prefer to avoid the taste of CBD oil and the demands of vaping, but desire to enjoy the therapeutic and healing benefits of CBD. More so, they provide a natural and safer treatment option compared conventional and prescription drugs which often cause severe side effects.