CBD skincare - cbd for skin problems

Can you use CBD for skincare?

It probably won’t be the first time you hear or read about this: food that suddenly appears to be culinary cosmetics. For example grapefruit and sugar to exfoliate your face and garlic as a remedy for acne. With that in mind, it makes sense that SupMedi decided to develop its own Argan lotion and CBD Argan ointment. On a natural basis of course.
CBD Argan lotion and CBD Argan ointment: makes sense right?

We mentioned before, in several blogs, that new uses of CBD are being found continuously. There are people who use CBD for absolutely everything. To treat sunburn for instance. When you consider that CBD is used by a lot of people to put on eczema, that actually makes a lot of sense. Just like the step to the development of a CBD Argan Lotion and a CBD Argan Ointment makes sense. You see, CBD can help you both on the inside and on the outside!

Vitamin A in SupMedi CBD Argan Cream

The bar is high at SupMedi. Because a lotion with only CBD added wasn’t enough, it has also been enriched with organic argan oil and vitamin A. Vitamin A promotes collagen synthesis in the skin cells. This results in a vital, smooth and elastic facial skin. The interaction between the high-quality CBD and the added vitamins, provides a nurturing and restoring effect on your skin.

Vitamin E in SupMedi’s CBD Argan Ointment: speeds recovery and reduces itching

Maybe more interesting, but surely more surprising is the CBD Argan Ointment itself. Your skin is your first and most important protection from your surroundings. Falling, bumping, scraping and inclement weather result in skin lesions. For all those moments your skin could use a little extra protection, SupMedi developed a CBD Argan Ointment, enriched with organic argan oil and vitamin E! Natural vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects, speeds recovery and fights signs of skin ageing. Besides this, another important point is that both the CBD Argan Ointment and the Lotion can reduce itching of the skin.

CBD for skinproblems - cbd skincare

Check it out yourself

A lot of research into the effects of CBD is still being done. And still new uses of CBD are being found. We end a lot of blogs by saying that you don’t know if something works for you, untill you’ve tried. So, check it out yourself and try our new CBD Lotion or CBD Ointment. Do you want more information about CBD? Please contact us!

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