CBD in the equestrian sport

The equestrian sport and especially the dressage (competitions) requires a lot from rider and horse, not only mentally (concentration), but also physically. CBD supplements can help a lot if you have to deal with tension, stress, pain and more common complaints in the equestrian sport. Professional dressage amazon Esmee van Veen tells about how Supmedi’s CBD helps her to reach the absolute pinnacle.

‘I really experience a better focus’

Esmee trains at the highest level and has won a lot of important competitions. She is one of many top athletes who claims to benefit from CBD. In the video from the article, Esmee tells how SupMedi’s CBD helps her to achieve optimal performances. Esmee says she sleeps better and feels more rested when she wakes up in the morning. ‘Also on the day of the competition I’m more focused on my dressage and the freestyle to music.’

Harmony between rider and horse

‘I especially notice that my concentration improved by my CBD use. As a rider or amazon you are dealing with a living animal, who can also suffer from tensions. It’s all about the harmony between rider and horse. It’s extremely important that the rider gives the right kind of guidance and that you feel relaxed if you want to achieve optimal performance. After all, during the contest, you’ve only got 6 minutes to show your best.’

CBD for tension

CBD can help effectively if you feel stressed (for contests) and obviously this applies not only to (equestrian) sport. Whether you have a speech to give, are stressed at work or need to perform at a sporting event. Try to gain your benefit from CBD with a better focus and a well-rested start of your day. A selection of the advantages of SupMedi’s CBD Supplements:

  • Less trouble sleeping
  • Relieve of stress
  • Fewer anxiety and panic attacks
  • Better focus on the task
  • Faster healing of an injury
  • Natural pain killer