CBD and glaucoma or homeopathy

CBD oil as homeopathy for glaucoma

For several years now, a doctor who is treating a patient with glaucoma, can prescribe cannabis as a homeopathic cure for glaucoma. This is because it’s very hard to treat this disease. Still, the cannabinoids THC and CBD are being regarded as good ways to treat the symptoms. How does that work? We explain it in this blog about CBD oil to treat glaucoma.

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a chronical disease of the eye, in which the fluid in the eye is not able to flow away. This causes a high pressure in the eye and it can damage the optic nerves. Besides the pain this can cause, it can even cause you to loose sight in (parts of) the eye. It’s possible that glaucoma doesn’t cause any symptoms for a long time, which makes people start too late with the treatment. And that, in turn, causes permanent effects. Severe glaucoma causes tunnel vision, which ends with permanent blindness. Glaucoma is worldwide one of the biggest causes of blindness. In The Netherlands, almost 1,5% of the people over 40 years has glaucoma. So that is quite a lot.

CBD can improve the blood circulation

As far as we know there is no treatment for glaucoma. There is medication and there are surgical procedures possible to help relieve the chronical symptoms. Besides the well-known medicines, cannabis is suitable as a homeopathic option to reduce the high eye pressure and to relieve the symptoms. This is how it works: with glaucoma, nerve cells die in the outer layer of the retina. A study, published by the British Journal of Ophtalmology, proved that the antioxidant characteristics of CBD save nerve cells from dying! CBD ensures that the nerve cells stay alive and that the symptoms don’t exacerbate. An improved blood circulation within the eye was also reported, thanks to the cannabinoid. Both factors had a positive effect on the eye pressure.

Research into treatment of glaucoma

The use of cannabis as a homeopathic cure for glaucoma is not entirely new, though. In the Journal of the American Medical Association there was a study published before. This study showed that cannabinoids reduced the eye pressure (up to 25%) in 60 to 65% of the patients. This effect is clearly visible by the reddening of the visible blood vessels in the sclera.

CBD against glaucoma: definitely worth a try!

We do have to mention here that THC also falls within the cannabinoids. So THC is also an important factor when it comes down to treating the sympotoms of glaucoma. The role of CBD oil should not be underestimated and deserves more research!

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