Can you put CBD oil on a sunburn?

CBD is often referred to as an effective remedy for skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. With the summer approaching you are faced with an interesting question. In fact, a lot of people stay in the sun for too long, with all that this implies. Could CBD possibly help to relieve the pain when you have a sunburn?

What causes a sunburn?

There are two kinds of ultraviolet radiation (UV radiation): UVA and UVB. One (UVB) causes a sunburn, the other (UVA) causes your skin to age and increases the risk of (skin)cancer. When you choose a sunscreen, it’s recommendable to take one that protects against both types of UV radiation.

Characteristics of a sunburn

When your skin is scorched by the sun, people call this a sunburn. A sunburn is a reaction of the skin to too much UV radiation. The skin gets infected within 12 to 24 hours and turns red and painful. Besides this, somebody with a heavy sunburn can get really sick. This manifests itself in nausea, throwing up, fainting and chills.

CBD to relieve a sunburn

Back to the CBD. CBD has – like you probably already know – an anti-inflammatory effect. This is important to know, because a sunburn is essentially an inflammation of the skin. So you might think that CBD could be of excellent help with a sunburn. Think about it: CBD is antibacterial and it hydrates the skin through natural oils. Added to that is the amandamine, which reduces pain simuli. Simple math right?

Research into the effects of CBD on sunburn

Despite we have good reasons to believe that CBD has pain reducing effects, we really need proper research into the real effects of CBD on suburn. Of course there are people who tried to put CBD on a sunburn. Some of them say the sunburn recovered faster. Also mentioned are the cooling effects and the pain reducing effects. We think it’s totally worth a try!