Does CBD help to defecate better?

Unmistakably, this titel has a funny subtext. But people who have problems with their intestines, suffer daily from nasty symptoms. CBD oil seems to be able to bring relief. A lot of people use CBD oil because this would have a positive effect on the bowel movement. In other words: it helps them to defecate better. What’s this about exactly?

Does CBD Oil help against leaky gut?

If you for example suffer from the Leaky Gut Syndrome or the Irritable Bowel Syndrome, this will seriously influence your daily life. The Leaky Gut Syndrom means that your bowel leaks substances it shouldn’t leak. On the contrary, the Irritable Bowel Syndrome means a chronical suffering from pain and inflammations. Lucky for us, recently published articles in both ‘Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research’ and ‘Advanced Research in Gastroenterology & Hepatology’ claim that CBD is effective in treating these conditions.

CBD oil hinders infections

CBD oil is now generally recognised as anti-inflammatory. So it’s very likely that CBD could also be beneficial in case of intestinal disorders and problems with the digestive system. If this would really be the case, clearly that would be fantastic news. A big part of our health starts in our bowels. Here is how:

Health starts in your bowels

Back in the day, everyone thought that your bowels just absorbe the nutrients from your food and make pee and poo from the remains. Today we know better. Research has shown that our bowels contain a large part of the microbiome. This consists of ‘a million billion’ micro-organisms that live in and on our body. The microbiome is therefore the basis of our physical and mental health. Parts of the microbiome communicate through transmitters directly with our brain. Conversely, it’s also true that you can have diarrhoea when you are very nervous.

Concluding: a lot of people use CBD oil to settle their bowels. This works because the cannabinoids directly influence – parts – of the microbiome. CBD helps to calm down the neurotransmitters, so to speak. If CBD works with bowel problems, it should also be helping to keep healthy bowels healthy, right?