Does CBD help against fibromyalgia?

A lot has been written on the internet about the positive effects CBD can have on the nasty disease fibromyalgia. If you read which symptoms are being caused by this syndrome, it does sound very plausible that CBD could also help in this case to ease the pain. SupMedi likes to share some facts with you.

What is fibromyalgia?

The short description of this disease is `pain in the connective tissue and muscles`. Sometimes fibromyalgia is also named soft tissue rheumatism. The pain goes hand in hand with sleep disorders, anxiety, headache, memory impairment and depression. About two in one hundred adults, mainly women, suffer from fibromyalgia.

What can CBD mean for fibromyalgia?

As we have described before, CBD can help to sleep better and it is a very effective pain killer. This can probably explain why there are so many reviews on the internet of people that use CBD as a homeopathic medication for fibromyalgia. We want those people to have these positive effects, but as always, we base our information on science.

CBD indeed helps

Clinical studies, done by Leiden University Medical Center, show that medical cannabis with a high THC-level does work. Medical cannabis with a high CBD-level also took part in the research. The scientists are very certain. According to their findings the patients didn`t benefit from the CBD-variant.

Research on CBD against fibromyalgia still really needed

We have seen before that a thorough research shows that people benefit from cannabis. In this case it is not the CBD that causes the positive effect, but that isn`t so relevant to us. We think that this result asks for more research. And, if possible, to legalize cannabis.