Can CBD help to relieve the symptoms of menopause?

Menopause starts when the egg cell stock is exhausted. A lot of women experience a period of perimenopause. This has a significant impact as the hormone levels change. Most women in Europe start to experience these annoying physical changes when they are between 48 and 55 years old. In some rare cases however, these changes occur right after age 30.

The symptoms

Heavy symptoms can occur as a result of these changes in the body. It can differ how heavy these symptoms are. Examples of these symptoms are hot flush (suddenly feeling very hot), trouble sleeping, tiredness, trouble concentrating and headache. And we haven`t even mentioned mood changes, insecurity, anxiety and depressed mood. Thankfully CBD could help relieve these symptoms.

CBD against osteoporosis

Another serious problem can occur on top of these annoying symptoms: osteoporosis. The amount of calcium in the body can decrease and that weakens the bones. Research has shown that the endocannabinoid system together with the endovanilloid system play an important role in this process. And CBD has a positive effect on exactly these systems!


How can CBD help during menopause?

Using CBD as a homeopathic medicine during perimenopause or menopause hasn`t been studied yet. We do know that CBD can help with a lot of the symptoms. Before, we wrote about how it can improve sleep and how pain is reduced. We also know that CBD can have a positive effect on someone`s mood. It is not surprisingly that a large survey discovered that the most common uses of CBD are for sleeplessness, pain, depressed mood and anxiety.

We are similar to rats

CBD had, as mentioned before, a positive effect on the processes in the body that cause osteoporosis. It has been found that the bones of rats stay stronger under the influence of CBD. Genetically rats and human beings are 90% similar, so there is a big chance that this will also occur in human bodies.

More research on CBD is still necessary

Even though there are enough evident reasons to use CBD as a natural painkiller to relieve symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, we are in favour of more research and studies. And we will keep track of those studies to share the good news with you here.