RADAR creates even more ambiguities about CBD supplements

It was March 2018 when the television show RADAR dedicated a broadcast to cannabis oil and CBD. Even though the show had initially a negative angle, eventually it turned out to be insightful. A test showed that CBD supplements of high quality are not easy to find. It also became clear that some ’CBD oils’ don`t even contain active substances at all. A serious matter!

Research is a good thing

First: SupMedi is happy with every research into CBD. Quality will conquer and we are convinced that SupMedi will always keep on belonging to the best. On the other hand, RADAR didn`t make any statements about which parties are reliable. A missed chance.

Too much THC in some CBD oils after all

The power of CBD supplements is that you get all the good stuff and none of the bad. You see, CBD doesn`t make you high or stoned because it doesn`t contain THC. During the production process of CBD oil, you simply can`t prevent that a tiny trace of THC is left. As long as that tiny amount isn`t more than 0,05%, there`s no problem. In fact, that minimal amount of THC makes the CBD work better. Moreover, it appeared that there was a problem with some of the CBD oils as they do contain an excessive level of THC.

Good advice is gold

You can buy CBD supplements even in the bigger drug store chains. But it`s still nice if the advice of the seller contains a bit more information than just the sentence ’it`s good for everything`. Because it has been proven again and again that this advice is indeed badly needed. From the 46 bottles that were tested by RADAR we`ve learned that in numerous occasions the level of CBD was different than as presented on the label. In 7 cases they even found just olive oil in the bottle. It would be nice if you get what you paid for!

SupMedi is a proven manufacturer of CBD

The television show hasn`t – thankfully – affected the popularity of CBD. Furthermore, it has become clear that there are only few reliable CBD supplements. That`s why it is advisable to buy your CBD products from an authorized party like SupMedi. We have a lot of knowledge and years of experience in this field, so we can answer all of your questions in a professional way.

By the way, here is the link to the RADAR broadcast of the show: https://radar.avrotros.nl/uitzendingen/gemist/item/wietolie-een-wondermiddel/