‘My muscles are much less stiff and stark’ – Bert Kops

‘Kops Gym‘ by the beautiful Amstel, everyone that lives in Amsterdam knows this gym. Bert Kops is the founder of this nice gym and he trains a lot of talents and other well-known athletes like MMA fighter Gegard Mousasi. Kops also has a real life soap on Spike TV, ‘Team Kops‘, and he stars regularly in tv series and movies. The famous Kops from Amsterdam is not in his prime anymore, but he feels (and looks) like a young god. CBD oil and orodispersible tablets won`t necessarily make you any younger, but Kops notices a positive effect on the aging process!

Let me introduce myself

My name is Bert Kops jr. I am 56 years old, married and I have been wrestling since I was six years old. Since 1985 I have, together with my parents and my sister, a gym in Amsterdam. In our gym you can find different kinds of martial arts, like wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, grappling and MMA, but also for the more regular fitness workouts and cardio training people can come to us. I am coaching all our martial arts teams.

How did you get to know CBD of Supmedi?

A friend who was already using CBD supplements (CBD oil) of this brand told me about it. I read in on the quality and what is the best way to use it. I thought: no harm, no foul.

Which Supmedi product are you using and for what purpose?

I started with CBD oil (drops). Sometimes I use the orodispersible tablets of 24mg and recently I bought the Vape-easy pen of Amsterdam Genetics with a CBD E-Liquid, also very nice to use! So actually I have everything haha!

How did you become familiarised with the CBD products of Supmedi?

I started to use it because CBD of Supmedi was recommended to me. We train very hard and as a result my muscles get stiff and stark. When I started to use CBD drops, my muscles became a lot looser and less sensitive, awesome!

How often do you use the CBD supplements?

At this moment I use 3 drops of CBD 4 or 5 times a day. I started with 9 drops and increased that amount over time. After all, you have to find the dosage that works for you. Every person and body is different.

Does CBD work better than other medication u may have used before on the problems or pain you had? Do you notice a positive difference?

CBD works better for me than all the other cures, like balms or pain killers, so that makes me a very happy person.

Would you recommend CBD supplements to other athletes or associates?

I will definitely recommend the CBD supplements of Supmedi to my fighters and other members. After all, they can only benefit from it!