‘After the World Championship I hardly had any muscle pain!’ – Margreet

In this blog you could read about the positive contribution of the effects of CBD in combination with sports. Obstacle-Run Athlete Margreet Schuttrups (30) from Zwaag practices a very intensive sport. She has to be physically strong and fit, but certainly also mentally this sport requires a very intensive focus. Furthermore, she is an avid user of SupMedi`s CBD supplements. An interview:

* Please introduce yourself to the readers

My name is Margreet Schuttrups, 30 years old and I live in Zwaag, Noord Holland. I started running in April 2014 and half a year later I did my first obstacle run, recreationally and in a group. Soon I started to get serious about this and in November 2016 I joined a survival association. After improving my techniques, I started to participate in official survivalrun competitions.

* How did you get to know the CBD products of SupMedi?

One of my friends told me about CBD oil and all its multifunctional effects. In fact, everyone knows someone in his/her environment that uses CBD oil or at least has heard or read something about it. I then got into it and I have chosen a brand that has been proven to have high-quality CBD. Suddenly you can buy CBD everywhere, but the percentage of active substance (the actual CBD) is the thing you should pay attention to. Unfortunately, there are a lot of sellers that have no idea what they are selling. But, at the same time there are also a lot of people who don`t know what they should buy to really be able to benefit from the product.

* What Supmedi products do you use and why?

I use the CBD orodispersible tablets of 12mg of SupMedi. These are easy to use and to take overseas. The tablets also contain vitamin C, what really helps the absorption of CBD. The CBD supplements make me alert. I take 1 tablet before every competition, which gives me optimal focus on the game. After the competition I take one more tablet and this will help to speed up my recovery.

* How many CBD supplements do you use?

So I use the CBD orodispersible tablets around competitions and regularly when I have had a rigorous training, I also take a CBD orodispersible tablet, so my body can recover better from that day.

* Does CBD work better than other medication you may have used before on the problems or pain you had?

I didn`t use medication before, but I definitely notice the working of the CBD. For example during the World Championship obstacle running in London, when I had to perform on three consecutive days. On Friday 3km 24 obstacles, on Saturday 15km 100 obstacles and on Sunday team relay. During and after this period I felt that I recovered more rapidly and I hardly had any muscle pain after such a big achievement! So I really noticed a positive difference!

* Would you recommend CBD supplements to other athletes or associates?

Absolutely! I definitely recommend SupMedi supplements to people who train intensively. Your focus in the competition is better, you recover much faster and the next day(s) you feel a lot less ‘stiff‘. I have qualified for the World Championship Obstacle Run, so the next few months I`m going to train intensively. Also then I will use the CBD supplements of SupMedi!