The effects of CBD studied scientifically

For years users of CBD supplements have been wondering when the people in the medical field will finally wake up and start to acknowledge the positive effects of cannabidiol. But maybe that moment is very near. Because at this moment a Dutch scientific study is being done on the effects of CBD in people with agoraphobia and social fears. Curious about the conclusions? Keep on reading!

Serious study by prestigious parties

Three autorities collaborate in this large study: Altrecht from Utrecht, GGZ inGeest from Amsterdam and UMCg from Groningen. Their approach is very serious in this eight-week during study. The participants are being asked to do a test before and after each ‘treatment’. In addition they take a blood and urine sample.

Flawless and thorough test

The research is performed double-blind and placebo-controlled. That means that one half of the patients get a capsule with cannabidiol, the other half gets it without active substances. Doctors, patients as well as scientiscs don’t know who receives which treatment. Obviously this is very important to be able to come to objective conclusions.

CBD against stress peaks

People with these anxiety disorders would normally get a treatment (sometimes in combination with medication) that slowly introduces them in situations that makes them anxious. These forced confrontations should lead to reduction and eventually disappearance of the anxiety. But this treatment results in very high stress peaks in the patients. Another study that has been done before showed that CBD has a calming effect, so now they started this study. Because the question being asked is if the use of CBD can increase the effect of the treatment.

CBD resembles a miracle cure

CBD is being used for many purposes, without having real scientific proof. Because in practice it works for people and because CBD doesn’t have any side effects, people want to try it to cure a wide range of problems. The bar is just very low to start using CBD.

CBD is not yet a proven miracle cure

Still – and we keep on repeating this – a lot of research is needed. Besides, to get accepted in a proper way it is really important that the study is being performed according to scientific criteria. We are very happy that the effects are subject to further analysis. In this way CBD could possibly help with regular treatments of anxiety and more disorders!