Can CBD help in the fight against excess weight?

To cut straight to the point: Yes, CBD is one of the substances from the cannabis plant that can help to prevent excess weight. And actually, that makes a lot of sense. It’s well known for years that the endocannabinoid system is closely involved in every proces that has to do with your appetite.

THC can make you feel hungry

A well known effect of cannabis is that it can make you feel hungry. Also the Dutch government acknowledges that people who receive treatment for cancer, can use cannabis with THC to work up their appetite.

THCV reduces the appetite

Less well known is that the same plant can also produce substances that have the opposite effect. In 2009 there was already a study in mice, which showed that their appetite was reduced when they were given the cannabinoid THCV. This is caused by the THCV, that sort of blocks a part of the endocannabinoid system. The buttons that are normally being pushed when we get hungry, are getting blocked.

CBD stimulates the processing of fats and the recovery of the liver with excess weight

Much more recent studies from 2015, showed that CBD oil helps in a different way against excess weight. When you are too heavy, lipids are accumulating in the body. When you have too many fats in your body, you could get liver cirrhosis. This looks like the problem that occurs in people who drink too much. A liver with cirrhosis can’t work properly. And such a liver makes it hard for the body to process substances ánd to lose weight.
CBD and also THCV make the body work to process the fats and to clean the liver. If the amount of fats in the body are reduced, it’s easier to lose weight. The scientists say in their conclusion that CBD tablets can be used to reduce excess weight.

Healthy food, exercise and CBD

The fight against excess weight and obesity is a tough one. It’s a survival mechanism in human beings. We are physically and mentally not very different from the people who came before us a long time ago. However, we don’t hunt or gather up our own food anymore. And the supply of food is so different now that we eat too much sugar and fat. Less exercise and more food makes us overweight. We can change this ourselves by eating fresh vegetables and by trying to work out as much as possible. With using CBD besides this, you can improve the chance that your body heals itself.