Coffee and CBD, a good combination?

Because of the popularity of CBD, there are more and more products available which contain this exceptional substance. For example, it’s possible to buy coffee enriched with CBD oil. But what happens in our body when we combine these substances?

Cannabis and the coffeeshop

It’s well known that coffeeshops in The Netherlands sell cannabis. This name already existed before science could prove that cannabinoids from the cannabis plant and caffeine from the coffee bean have something to do with each other in the brain. You can compare this with the term café, where most people drink an alcoholic beverage, while the word literally means coffee in French.(

The effects of caffeine

As we know, caffeine ensures that it’s easier to stay awake. If we are getting tired, certain areas of the brain produce more of the substance Adenosine. This substance activates certain cells in our brain which makes us tired. You can look at this as the ‘activating the feeling you want to go to sleep’. Caffeine blocks this activation of the cells by Adenosine. Basically, the ‘feeling you want to go to sleep’ is getting blocked by the caffeine. In this way the caffeine suppresses tiredness.

The cohesion with CBD

One of the many effects of CBD in our brain is that it slows down the reuptake of Adenosine. Because of this, the substance keeps working for a longer time in the brain. This is one of the many reasons that many people experience a calming effect from the CBD and that they sleep better. Furthermore, Adenosine also seems to be involved in e.g. the suppression of inflammations and the protection against heart attacks. So CBD doesn’t work on it’s own, it also makes other mechanisms in our body to get to work.

No benefits from combining coffee and CBD

Because caffeine blocks the places where Adenosine has it’s effects, some of the benefits of CBD will get lost. Like the calming effect that can improve your sleep. So you do not really benefit from combining these two. However, scientists conclude that you do not suffer from big disadvantages when you do drink a cup of coffee. Because CBD can have a positive effect on other systems in our body, on which caffeine doesn’t have an effect.