Is CBD more effective than medication?

Using CBD oil is a natural way to counter all sorts of health problems, including pain. This is due to cannabidiol, the active substance in CBD oil and other supplements. Few people know about the many ways in which cannabidiol has a positive influence on the substances produced by our own body. International studies indicate that cannabidiol (abbreviated CBD) is an analgesic that suppresses pain, reduces nausea, softens external stimulation, and even improves sleeping patterns.

Effects of CBD oil

As humans, we have bodies that use so-called endocannabinoids. These are substances produced by our own body, and which are chemically almost identical to cannabinoids found in cannabis plants, such as THC and CBD. These substances were discovered when researchers started to look into the effects of THC. They soon found out that CBD has a positive influence on the way our own endocannabinoids work in our body. That’s how part of our body – the endocannabinoid system – and this group of natural substances were named after the cannabis plant. Because our own endocannabinoids are so similar to the phytocannabinoids like THC and CBD found in plants, they are able to affect processes in our body in similar ways. Of course, every individual body is unique, and will respond differently under similar conditions, but many people reportedly respond well to CBD to treat a number of medical issues. It is a well-established fact that CBD oil is often used by people who suffer from migraine and nerve pain. Even though CBD is not officially recognised as regular medication, then, CBD is still widely regarded as a perfect alternative for medicinal painkillers. There are several reasons for this preference, including the following:

  • Medicinal painkillers only work once, so they need to be used frequently;
  • Painkillers can harm the body;
  • The body develops tolerance to painkillers, which leads to addiction;
  • Medication often has nasty side-effects, such as drowsiness and fatigue;
  • Painkillers may hep take away the pain, but they don’t address the cause.

CBD: pain relief as nature intends it

Cannabidiol (CBD) influences the endocannabinoid system in the body itself. This system regulates pain signals, beside other functions such as regulating the immune system, memory, the bowels, and our motor functions. CBD restores the balance of this system, and in doing so, takes away the ‘sharp edges’ of your pain.
Even though Dutch healthcare insurers no longer cover expenses for CBD supplements (as per 2018), a host of international studies confirm its analgesic qualities. Even more importantly, we keep receiving positive feedback from CBD users about the way it helps them cope with chronic pain. When considering your options in dealing with pain issues, CBD supplements are definitely worth a try, both according to researchers and a growing global community of people using CBD.