Can you develop tolerance to CBD?

Tolerance, or habituation as it is also known, is a phenomenon usually associated with substances such as alcohol, tobacco, certain drugs, and medication. Regular use of these substances can cause the body to grow used to the substance and its effects. Once the body has developed tolerance to substance X, its effects will become less and less. That is why you will need to use more and more of the substance to reach the same effect. A clear example is provided by people who smoke tobacco, starting out with a single cigarette each day, only to end up smoking a whole pack every day in the end.

Conflicting messages

There are certain people who feel as though they develop tolerance to CBD, or at least, that is what some people experience when they use CBD on a daily basis. Even though they keep on using CBD, their sleeping problems return, or their pain starts to grow worse again. All in all, it seems as if CBD somehow loses its effectiveness. As soon as these people increase their CBD dosage, they start to notice its effects again. However, simply taking more CBD means that these people will need to spend more money on it, too. It is important to keep in mind, however, that there are many people who experience no tolerance effects whatsoever while using CBD over extended periods. They keep on using the same dosage for years and years, and they continue to feel the same benefits nonetheless.

No tolerance, research indicates

So far, the issue of CBD tolerance has not been studied extensively. In November 2017, the World Health Organisation (WHO) held a conference focusing on the use of drugs. Since CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, this substance was discussed there too. The question was asked whether people could get addicted to CBD. The WHO also wanted to know if it is possible to develop tolerance to CBD. The experts present at the conference agreed to collect evidence from multiple studies and concluded that regular use of CBD does not lead to tolerance. You can read more about the subject here:

What if you still have the feeling that CBD is becoming less effective?

Of course, every single person is unique, so no two people will respond to CBD in precisely the same way. On top of this, we still aren’t 100% certain about how CBD works exactly. This is why we can’t rule out completely that CBD may become less effective over time for certain people. What we do know about tolerance in general, however, is that it can develop by several different routes. One of the possible causes could be the effectiveness of CBD at the cellular level, but the cause could also be related to overall metabolism. If you have the feeling that your CBD is becoming less effective, there are two things that you can try out.

One of your options is to stop using CBD for a short period. This can make any tolerance you may have developed disappear. If you think it is an option for you, not taking CBD for two or three days could do the trick.

Of course, you could also decide to take your CBD in a different way, such as by using CBD melt tablets, for instance. Since your metabolism can have an effect on tolerance, this approach is definitely worth a try. A good way to do this is by switching from our CBD oil to the melt tablets, then switching to capsules, and then returning to the oil. This presents your metabolism with different ways in which CBD enters the body. If you try this, you have a very good chance of noticing that your CBD returns to optimal effectiveness. Please let us know whether this approach works for you, because we care deeply about the experiences of our customers, and you will be helping CBD users all over the world by sharing your findings.