Using CBD oil against the discomforts of ageing

It is sad but true: growing older usually comes with all sorts of physical discomfort. As we grow older, for instance, our bones grow weaker, increasing our risks of contracting osteoporosis and arthrosis. These are just two among a plethora of ailments associated with the passing of the years. Fortunately, a new hope dawns on the horizon, increasing our odds of growing old with grace. The reason to be hopeful is CBD oil, as numerous studies point out that it may help counter many of the problems that come with old age.

As most of us already knew…

Across several countries, including the USA, Canada, and Israel, physicians and specialised clinics have started using cannabis to help elderly patients treat problems such as lack of appetite, insomnia, pain, and inflammations of the joints. This giant leap was made possible by years of dedicated research dedicated to clarifying the effects of CBD.

First experiment involving elderly subjects

In an experiment conducted by Tel Aviv University that drew considerable attention across the world, to name an example, 19 senior citizens were selected from a care home for the elderly. All research subjects suffered from various chronical conditions, such as chronic pain and muscle spasms.

Research setup

Over the course of one year, the subjects were treated with cannabis extracts three times a day; either by vapours, oil, or smoke. The researchers’ conclusions were baffling: 17 out of 19 patients reached a healthy weight, while reporting reduced muscle spasms and joint pain. In addition, all subjects improved their sleeping habits, and, perhaps even more remarkably, every single subject used less regular medication after the study than before. Ultimately, all participants reported ‘immediate relief of their symptoms’. Read more about this intriguing study here:

CBD as alternative medicine

The basic assumption that underpins all research, incidentally, is to investigate whether CBD is a viable alternative for harmful regular medication. Many senior citizens work their way through considerable amounts of prescription meds day in, day out, taking all the negative side-effects for granted simply because no alternatives are available. Perhaps the power of big pharma money can help explain why natural remedies such as CBD are still taboo today. Sadly, this taboo is precisely the reason why many senior citizens are unfamiliar with the benefits of CBD. They are generally unaware of the potential of this plant extract and do not know how or where to obtain it, which is unnecessarily preventing them from improving their quality of life by natural means.