CBD Oil For Animals

It may not be the most obvious line of thought, but even if you never thought of it, CBD oil can have beneficial effects for your dog, cat, or horse; and for all sorts of other pets, too. Biologically, we are very much like other mammals, and many other animals besides, because we all have similar endocannabinoid systems (ECS). In fact, the main ingredient in CBD oils (i.e., cannabinoids) can be found both in the human body and in the bodies of animals. This explains why CBD oil is able to balance this complex regulatory ECS system in a wide range of species across the animal kingdom. CBD oil replenishes the natural system – yours as well as your pet’s – and will make the body function more efficiently.

CBD Oil Test Results

American and Canadian researchers have conducted a host of different studies into the effects that CBD oil has on animals, such as cats, dogs, and horses suffering from serious physical issues. Obviously, CBD will not just make these medical problems go away like some magical cure. Nonetheless, CBD oil has been proven effective in pain relief, and in support of regular medical treatments.

Administering CBD Oil To Pets

Some pets can have anxious or even aggressive tendencies. For such animals, CBD oil can have a soothing effect. It can take away those rough edges, to make sure that your pet stays calm and relaxed. If your pet has real physical problems, CBD oil can be used as an analgesic, to relieve pain. You can administer CBD oil to your pet in several ways. The most common approach is simply to add CBD oil to your pet’s regular food. Make sure to pay attention to the dosages, however.

Which CBD Oil Is Suitable For Pets?

You can treat your pets with SupMedi CBD oil without any side effects. Since there is no THC in our CBD oil, you don’t have to worry about your pets getting high, because they can’t. When it comes to dosages, our general assumption is that our 10% oil is suitable for animals weighing more than 40 kilos. We advise using our 3.5% CBD oil for any pets with only minor symptoms or lower weight. You can find our full product range here.

Dosage And Advice

Be sure to inform your veterinarian about treating your pet with CBD oil, and stick to the dosage as prescribed. CBD has no know negative indications for use with any medication or other supplements. We do want to emphasise, however, that any combinations of different medications can be risky. Here too, we humans have much in common with our pets, and so, animals too run a risk of too having much medication in their body if other substances block the breakdown of certain medicines.

In general, one drop of CBD oil once or twice a day will suffice for dogs or cats. If you would like to get personal advice on our products and their use, then we will be glad to help out. Simply send us an email at info@amsterdamgeneticscbd.com and we will send you an answer within 24 hours!