Is CBD Covered By Health Insurance?

To be blunt, as per February 2018, CBD is no longer covered by Dutch health insurance. The reason insurers provide is the apparent lack of scientific evidence for the effects of medicinal cannabis. There may be some good news headed our way, though: the Dutch National Healthcare Institute is planning to assess the effects of CBD, due to the large number of people claiming to get real benefits from their CBD use. This could be the essential step we need to get to the point where CBD oil finally gets the appreciation that it deserves…

Medicinal Cannabis From Your Local Pharmacist

A quick reminder for anyone with Dutch health insurance: whenever your basic insurance covers any care or medication, you will have to pay the policy excess first. Since CBD is generally used over longer periods, expenses can easily add up to serious amounts of money as time goes by. Incidentally, medicinal cannabis is available at most Dutch pharmacists these days. By contrast, SupMedi is proud to have all of its CBD products tested by a certified laboratory: the only one to provide its services to the Dutch Ministry of Health.

The Effects of CBD Have Already Been Demonstrated

The current position of the Dutch government shows just how little they know about CBD oil. Even though research into CBD oil’s effects has been on hold for decades (due to the legal restrictions on cannabis), there is plenty of convincing proof that CBD does actually work. Our advice to the Healthcare Institute: go and ask people suffering from epilepsy, chronic pains, and skin or sleeping disorders about their experiences with using CBD oil. Obviously, they prefer to look for natural ways to combat their symptoms, and they are sure to confirm the beneficial effects of CBD.

The Road Ahead

Sadly, in spite of all the great and positive personal experiences we have heard, we can’t just assume that the authorities will accept and understand the benefits of CBD. It may well be that they decide that there is no need to change the current position of the Minister of Health. No matter what the outcome, however, we will make every effort to keep supporting our customers with the very best that Mother Nature and advanced modern science can offer!