Can CBD Be Used To Help You Sleep?

The answer to this question is: yes, and no.

Firstly, it is important to identify any possible causes of sleeping difficulties. Having trouble sleeping can often be traced back to clear causes. The best course of action is to take away these causes and return to a normal sleeping pattern. Sleeping naturally without using anything to help you is always the best solution. Sometimes, however, sleeping problems can’t be solved that easily. In such cases, sedatives or sleeping agents can help. You will need a doctor’s prescription for the more powerful sedatives. That makes perfect sense, too, because using sedatives comes with a number of risks.

How Sedatives Work

Many of the prescription sedatives fall into the category of ‘benzodiazepines’. Put simply, they work along these lines: these medicines affect the way your GABA receptors work. GABA receptors are found on the cells of our bodies, where they serve a clear purpose. You can view these receptors as control switches that turn off specific processes in the body. If a sufficient number of these switches start to work together and turn off certain processes, we fall asleep. It’s always good to know about these kinds of things. Incidentally, alcohol affects the same GABA receptors, which explains why people tend to fall asleep after drinking too much alcohol.

How CBD Works With Regard To Sleep

To be brief, CBD has a calming and relaxing effect. When we take a closer look at the way CBD affects sleeping patterns, it turns out to be a more complicated mechanism compared to the sedatives prescribed by doctors. CBD affects many more different places in the body than benzodiazepines do. In a sense, CBD soothes the entire endocannabinoid system, a system involved in sleeping and waking up. In addition, CBD affects other receptors involved in suppressing feelings of fear. On top of this, CBD interacts with the GABA receptors mentioned earlier, which slightly increases the activity level of these receptors.

These different activities of CBD combined explain the calming and relaxing effect of the substance. Still, CBD will not make you fall asleep straight away, like prescription sedatives do.

CBD Can Indeed Promote Healthy Sleeping Patterns

Summing up, CBD can indeed promote a good night’s sleep due to its soothing effects. If you are using prescription sedatives to help you sleep and you want to change this, such as by using CBD for example, remember to always consult your doctor before doing so. Trying out different kinds of medication and other substances without proper guidance can be risky, so we strongly advise against such experiments.